Power flushing

Power flushing your heating system and radiators with the Magnacleanse flush

At Forever Warm in North West London, we know that central heating systems are comprised predominantly of metal. This is a necessary material in a heating system because the transfer of heat from radiator to surrounding area needs to be balanced.


The system needs to be comprised of parts that carry heat to all of the rooms in the house. But the materials also need to be poor enough insulators that they release heat into the rooms. Metal (specifically aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel or cast iron) has the right level of insulation versus conduction to achieve this balance.

But there is one major problem with metal radiators, and that problem is rust. No central heating system can ever be completely devoid of air. Bits will sneak in no matter how well put together the system is. The oxygen in the air will interact with the water in the system and the metal of the radiators. This will cause a slow build up of rust.


This is where the Forever Warm Magnacleanse Flush system comes into play.

Wall Water Heater
the Magnacleanse flush

How the Magnacleanse Flush works

The Magnacleanse Flush is connected to the mains water and the pump then sends water round the system. The pressure is approximately ten times that of a normal central heating system. This pressure loosens the rust which then starts circulating within the central heating apparatus.


When it reaches the Magnacleanse Flush unit, the two magnets attract the rust and hold on to it. The machine can then be turned off and the magnets taken out for cleaning. In a standard size central heating system, this process is carried out a number of times until the water is running clear, and all the rust has gone.

How to diagnose if you have sludge in your system

One way to effectively diagnose if you have sludge in your system is by feeling your radiators for cold spots. Cold spots can be caused by various issues, but if sludge is the culprit, the cold area will be at the bottom of the radiator, in the middle.

Radiator Temperature Wheel
Flush after care

Magnacleanse Flush after care

Once the cleansing stage of the process has been completed, we run an inhibitor through the system. This is a chemical that slows corrosion by reducing the amount of molecules available to react with the metal of the radiators.


This will help to protect your central heating for years to come, including the relatively delicate internal workings of your boiler.

The Magnacleanse Flush system has been proven to be both quicker and more effective than any conventional power flush.

Sludge in your radiators can seriously effect your boiler and heating performance and cost upto twice as much to run!

Forever Warm's Magnacleanse Flush will keep your heating system working perfectly for years to come