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Professional, individual and unique bathroom renovation and installation in North West London

Renovating your bathroom is a very stressful and expensive process. Searching for reliable plumbers, joiners, tilers and electricians, and booking them in around the same time can seem like an impossible undertaking. 

That's where Forever Warm plumbing and heating can help. We'll provide all services, materials, tiles and products that are needed to create an outstanding bathroom tailored to your exact specifications.

Our trustworthy team of highly skilled tradesmen can install your new bathroom in one smooth operation, saving you the hassle of going without a bathroom for long.
Our standard of workmanship is so high, we are happy to offer a 12-month warranty on all completed bathroom renovations.

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Our bathroom pledge:

  • We'll manage the job from start to finish

  • You can design the bathroom of your dreams 

  • Lighting and tiling specialists

  • Competitive prices

  • Free Quotes and measured surveys

We'll work to your timelines

At Forever Warm we know every customer's timeline for a bathroom installation is unique. We carefully plan and organise each step of your bathroom renovation to minimise disruption and more importantly to minimise long time frames.


In other cases customers want their bathroom installed to fit around other work they are having done, or their busy work schedule. Before we start we'll agree a step by step timeline for installation. We'll get everything installed exactly where you want it, right when you need it.

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Why isn't my shower working?

My shower keeps stopping and starting

It's usually the coil inside the solenoid valve which lifts a plunger and allows the water into the shower. When the coil breaks down, the water stops running. The coil will need replacing.

My shower is absolutely freezing!

It's most likely the Thermal Cut-Out (TCO). If the shower overheats, the TCO cuts it off and resets. If this keeps happening it will need replacing.

My shower is going hot and cold

It could be a problem with the flow valve inside the shower head. If this is the case, it will need replacing.

Water is coming from the bottom of my shower

If you ever find there is water coming from the bottom of your electric shower, it may very well be that the Pressure Relief Device (PRD) has been ejected. It will need replacing.

There is not enough power in my shower

If one of the elements inside the heating tank has burnt out or is damaged then the shower will only be working at half power. The element will need to be repaired or replaced.

Forever Warm can help

Unless you know what you're doing replacing/repairing parts like these can be difficult, dangerous, and stressful. Let Forever Warm's plumbing and heating experts handle it.

Want a bathroom that's Unique and Bespoke to your home ? Specialists in Tiled and lighted Shelving

Forever Warm's team of expert designers will install and renovate your bathroom to your exact specifications